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topic id 33199: IDEA- Integrity & Balance by Customers & Pros
topic id 32384: Private Chef/Catering Pricing
topic id 32826: Raising prices but do not state what the prices are!!!!!
topic id 26197: Paying twice for the same lead
topic id 25265: Pricing
topic id 24883: The purpose of promotion and set your budget in advance
topic id 22503: Leads
topic id 22064: Questionable leads
topic id 14288: Declined "Leads" charged
topic id 19454: Marketing Executive From Thumbtack Chooses Promoted Lead, Then Radio Silence

Do you have to display a review?

I just asked for a review from a couple, and I’m not 100% sure if it’s going to be a good or bad review. Are you allowed to display a negative review? I just don’t want to be displaying that if it mea...
by davidjscott88 Level 5 03-28-2019
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Review but no comment

Has anyone ever ran into an issue where your client posts a review but Thumbtack ignores their written comments and only accepts the star rating? I had this happen today (see below) and I know it has ...
by Lar Level 10 03-27-2019
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Recently had two customers say that they got confused and mistakingly left a bad review...

One customer left a 3 star review attempting to send a message for an update to a job that was still in progress. They were unable to remove or update the review they had admitted they left by mistake...
by fixfitness Level 6 03-27-2019
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Do You Follow Up???

Here is a screenshot of a lead that went cold from the start.  Didn't stop contacting them for 2 months.   Don't quit reaching out to them.  Turned an $8 lead that went cold into $500 booking next wee...
by CLGPatrick Level 7 03-26-2019
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I received a lead yesterday and you showed how fast the other leads responded. 6 contractors is to high. It is the reason you call a lead and they scream you are harassing them and they hang up.
by Mike2 Level 5 03-25-2019
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New 2019 top pro status, 71 views and 0 leads over the last week, what’s wrong with this picture?

Thumbtack’s new format seems to have eliminated some original pros while new ones who may not have the best qualifications and seniority are now getting the leads. This isn’t about promotional adjustm...
by EE-Level Level 5 03-24-2019
6 10

Quotes Aren't Being Viewed

Hello All, I am new to TT, I joined a week ago, and I am curious about Quote Views. I have sent out about 15 quotes but only 1 of them has been viewed and it seems weird to me considering it's been se...
by pagewithanii Level 4 03-22-2019
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Thanks for participating in the Top Pro Q&A

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Top Pro Q&A last week. Our Top Pro Manager, @JasonB and two Top Pros, @Eric and @RevDrLCT signed on to answer questions and get feedback on the Top Pro pr...
by Thumbtack Employee Thumbtack Employee 03-21-2019
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Thanks for participating in the Q+A about promoting your business!

Thank you to all the pros who participated in our Q&A this week about promoting your business! We want to make sure promoting your business will work for you, so we appreciate hearing your questions a...
by Thumbtack Employee Thumbtack Employee 03-21-2019
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Algorithm for Profile Ranking

I just read the following on the TT FAQ sites:"The more responsive you are to customers, the better you'll rank too. As you consistently accept and respond to new leads, we’ll take the hint. You’re te...
by MR Level 11 03-18-2019
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