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Unintentional Review

I have a potential customer that I have been in contact with that will possibly lead to a hire, however, up to this point the customer has not hired me as they are still evaluating their options. The ...
by jesuseldyablo85 Level 5 2 weeks ago
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CHECK YOUR RESPONSE TIME - it might be inaccurate and lowering your rank!

As we all know, response time is one of several factors which determine our ranking.Please take a moment to look at yours, and see if it makes sense to you.It might be wrong and negatively impacting y...
by ScottArcangel Level 6 2 weeks ago
3 10

Receiving ZERO views out of nowhere

Hello, Out of no where, I am receiving zero views to my profile whereas I was receiving about 5,000 weekly. Suddenly, it is zero starting from yesterday. I called thumbtack and received the answer of...
by Mindfulstrength Level 4 2 weeks ago
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When following the instructions on how to track my response speed - I get nothing

I followed these instructions and I was unable to see any information about my response speed in my Insight. I want to know what value is being used in the calculation of my Profile rank.
by HansenJC Level 9 2 weeks ago
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I need a license to be a Home Inspector but 4 / 29 of my competitors are not licensed.

My Illinois Home Inspector's license is 450.011545. Four of 29 of my competitors in the category of Home Inspectors do not hold a Home Inspectors License. They include Electrician, Chimney Sweep, Wate...
by HansenJC Level 9 2 weeks ago
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Error trying to add reviews from Facebook

I have reached out to support without any success of a response to the email and text I sent. I linked my Facebook reviews to add to my profile and the number of reviews my profile shows is inaccurate...
by Mkat4464 Level 6 2 weeks ago
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How is base price determined, and how can it be edited?

I am a wedding officiant. My BASE PRICE for a wedding in Muncie is $150, with prices going up from there depending on location and customization.  For some reason, my profile says that my base price i...
by revcherylgrice Level 4 2 weeks ago
3 3

Calculating Percentages - A possible Solution

All Pros complain about review percentages being off: Here's a way to solve it!For example, A pro has 50 reviews, 48 -5 Star, 1-4 Star, and 1- 3 StarTotal possible = 250 (50x5)Total available = 247 (4...
by Digitalwhims Level 6 2 weeks ago
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Pros finding success

I would like to start this thread, so that Pros that are finding success on TT with the new system, will share this stories. If you're finding that you are getting more leads and hires compared a few ...
by MidknightGenius Level 6 3 weeks ago
4 18

The new software for leads is anti contractor

We have been loyal thumbtack users and I have to say this is the first time I am truly unhappy with this lead service. As of today we are getting job notifications from 400 miles outside our jurisdict...
by Dimension Level 5 3 weeks ago
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