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canned responses

It infuriates me to receive a canned response for a bid thatsimply asks :are you available for my date?"

I wouldn't be bidding it, if Iwasn't available. It is aneasyway for a nefarious action to ensure that I getcharged.It appears tome to be more than a coincidence that I never hear back furter from ANY such response. But I sure get that charge against my account!! hmmmm!!

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Re: canned responses

@PastorHoward a customer who uses a quick reply is closer to hiring than a customer who doesn't reply at all, which is why we still consider it a lead. There's definitely more we could do to make sure the quick replies are used at the appropriate times. It must be especially frustrating to you all to see a quick reply that asks a question you've already answered. When you receive the "are you available on my date?" response what the customer did is simply click on the check availability button. So if you do receive that response, try to think of it as more of the customer verifying that you're available on their date and showing interest nonetheless. 


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Re: canned responses

I don;'t see it as one step cloiser. I see it as either a sham by competitors ( how would one ever know?)


as I have taken the time to investigate in depth, some clients simply check a canned response on numerous leads hoping to narrow down a single vendor by price or by some criteria that could be realized by reading the actual offer of services and the profile.

As far as I am concerned, it is double dipping!



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Re: canned responses

 This does not necessarily indicate a customer's desire to hire or merely "confirm" our availability. We usually have ALREADY STATED that we are available . . . . 
Perhaps Thumbtack should REWORD THIS OPTION, to eliminate confusion and/or "fishing expeditiions" by customers (happens too often). Better yet, eliminate it altogether!



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Re: canned responses


I'm all for the elimination of it. It seems to serve no valid purpose in the interaction between pro and lead. I do see @Kameron 's point, but I think more good than bad comes to the useability of the system if it is eliminated.


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Re: canned responses

I am considering adding the following to every quote that I send. It means sending the estimate and then immediately opening the request and pasting it in  the reply box.


PLEASE – read my entire profile and visit my website: before responding.

PLEASE do not respond with the automatic “canned” responses furnished by Thumbtack –

i.e. “are you available for my date?” etc.

If I send you a quote it means YES I am available for your wedding date.

Thumbtack charges service vendors a hefty fee when you respond to an offer

whether or not you are comparing various offers from various vendors, or

 whether or not  you are curious or serious.

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Re: canned responses

This is an old one. I raised this a couple of years ago. If we were charged ONLY if WE  (the Pros that is), replied to the canned response, it would be ok, but to be charged (if we are promoting), is in my view, daylight robbery. 

To keep it positive, this year hasn't been too bad for those, so far...

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Re: canned responses

You, send Quote with Price.

Client auto-responded " Can you give me an Estimate "

You get charged but you already gave the Price.

Have you ever been to a store to buy something, see the price on the label and still ask the vendor? Worst yet ask the vendor and have him pay the store $$$ to get asked something that is already shown.

This is the issue with canned responses.

" Are you available on my date " - We would not have sent a quote if no.

I don't get mad a the clients they don't know better and don't know we get charged. Thumbtack should know better. 

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Re: canned responses

Right on, Pastor Howard!!! I have the same frustration. Hate those canned options/replies, which go to charging us as "Replied"; but rarely if ever do we hear responses from such inquiries, although WE/vendors follow up quickly and with further info. I am especially pissed because my UOTES to these customers who ask "Are you available?" have clearly and concisely ALREADY STATED that I AM available for their date!!! This suggests (strongly) that they did not even bother to read my Quote!!!