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Re: Leads that never reply back to you


Hi there. I saw your question/concerns. I am here to tell you just a complete slew of concerns and frustrations that are going on with TT as of late. I have to be honest though. TT goes through these threads and will delete content they do not I have to be professional. I will say..............READ ALL THE POST. You will find out what PROS are talking about.

As for quality of leads............AGAIN READ ALL POST on ALL CATEGORIES.

Now to help out.....let me offer some advice so TT does not get mad at me for beinf "negative". Thats a joke TT!

So, not sure what your business is but me.......I am a design/build contractor. Before the disasterous "Promote Your Business" started.....I was VERY good at closing projects. Now with that said, I made sure to split test A/B my pre-filled quote templates to see what worked best.

What I mean is......if a customer was requesting a natural stone bed border or wanting to REDO their landscape, I have customized quotes with BEFORE/AFTER pics that matched exactly what they want.


SO TRY THIS........please understand though if you are using TT's "Promote Your Business" I can only tell you to think long and hard and try and keep in constant contact with the cusomters with follow-ups. I want to tell you the truth but Ill get in trouble. Just READ THE POST. Be careful. You can go through a lot of $$$$$$$$$. Nobody deserves to pay a company all their $$$$$$$$$ and they do not get customers 

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Re: Leads that never reply back to you

I was combing through the discussion board right now to see if anyone else had posted about this topic because I was about to do it if nobody else had.

So yeah, I’m in the same boat. I’m actually quite pissed about it. I did a job two days ago. I was $150. That money has purchased me a little gas, a coffee and a donut. Since signing up as a pro with thumbtack I haven’t had that much cash flow and have received maybe 1 or 2 leads a day. So I put this $150 into my bank account and today I received like nine leads. Of those nine leads, I answered every single one (which was pricey mind you) I received responses from 2? maybeeeee 3. I don’t recall. 2 for sure though. Anyways, almost all of the money I earned the other day just got taken by thumbtack for leads. If those leads, 2 people responded and of those two people, I landed a computer diagnostics health check for $60. I’m no math wiz but the ROI on that is pretty  bad.

Example, you ask my availibility without first requesting a quote and then when I tell you that info and I give you a “can’t say no” tell me you’ll get back to me because you have a painter coming by at 5 to give you an estimate?!? That makes zero sense to me.

So yes, I’m totally in agreement as far as refunding these suspicious leads. We aren’t talking 1 or 2 or even 3 no responses. I’m telling you that 7 out of 9 in the SAME DAY never said anything bCk to me

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Re: Leads that never reply back to you

This happens all of the time @Mandijo16! For several years now! TT will try & sell you on the fact that it's a future business lead. Sorry but it's not. Paying for a name with no other contact information on how to get a hold of that lead IS NOT A FUTURE BUSINESS LEAD! Stop insulting my intelligence with that statement TT!!!!!


$382 to Thumbtack for $1,200 in Business

So today, I went in and calculated that over the last three months, I have paid Thumbtack $382 for "leads".  I have secured $1,200 in business out of those "leads".  So that gives me a TT cost of 32%.  Out of the 16 "leads" that I got over the last three months (WAY DOWN WITH THE NEW SYSTEM) - 4 of the leads were "are you available on my date" - and NO RESPONSE whatsoever.  Another five of the leads were one message to me and then silence - again, I can't pay for leads that don't engage with me.  It's ridiculous.  To pay 32% of my revenue to TT is unacceptable.

Re: $382 to Thumbtack for $1,200 in Business

Yeah prices have gone insane. I don't understand how they expect to keep people on board. Eventually the end users are going to stop coming here when they find nobody answering their requests. I am seeing wedding photography requests costing over $50. What makes it even more hilarious is they list their budget as $500. Why on earth would I reply to that? And that's basically all that shows up in the jobs feed now. People getting ripped off on the "promote" are keeping the jobs feed empty since the end users are seeing and requesting quotes from up to 15 people in a matter of minutes, making thumbtack hundreds while costing a bunch of poor small business owners a bunch of money and 14/15 (best case scenario, even though I suspect much of the time it's 15/15) are not even getting hired. Even if you do, how's that going to make a profit for anyone? If you're up against 15 other "bidders" every time and you're paying $50 that is not good odds.

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Ghost leads

Please let me know if anyone has the same experience. I'm a DJ and I've been a top pro on Thumbtack for a long time. I've witnessed the changes over the years and none for the better for the pros. If I now opt not to be promoted, the leads I get are old and have 1-3 pros already contacted. Every time. I get nothing from this. If I opt to be "promoted" I get many more leads of one sentence such as "are you available on my date" or "what is your estimate " even though these are question answered in my profile, I respond with a well written reply even asking for a reply either way to confirm they received my reply and I get no answer whatsoever. This week I spent well over $100 and got no response 4 times in a row. This is ludicrous! It has been suggested try hat Thumbtack generates these "leads" just to charge customers. I'm beginning to believe it. There must be a better way. Why not charge a larger fee for hires only???

Re: Ghost leads

I truly do not believe at all that they are making fake leads. I do think though that the end-users (that they call customers, though we all know WE are the paying customers) who are making these requests have no concept at all of how it works and don't realize that we're paying so much money. They think it's like a directory. I've had this conversation with a few people who I've talked to on here - they honestly are appalled when they find out how much money they cost folks by sending out the generic one-click questions.

You ever window-shop for a car online and see a button labeled "click here to notify me if the price drops" or some such business? And you click it without fully realizing you just started a file on yourself at the dealership and a salesperson is now going to attempt to sell you a car? I think it works sort of similarly here. The end users are largely window shopping and my belief is they sincerely don't intend to be generating false leads. Thumbtack really really makes it easy for them to click stuff that turns them into a lead and tries to pull them in.

It's no surprise either as their SEO is through the roof now, thanks in no part to everyone putting a "thumbtack pro" badge on their website. Google LOVES relevant backlinks. Smart gaming on Thumbtacks part. It's why Wedding Wire, etc also give out those "best of wedding wire" awards to literally anyone that gets a review - it's so they post the code on their website and inadvertantly hurt their own SEO by increasing the directory's.

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Re: Ghost leads

Great parallel on the car sales analogy. Also clever on the backlink info.

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Re: Ghost leads

I too am seeing this same behavior which is indeed frustrating. I don't think it's TT creating fake leads as that would certainly lead to legal action against them. Rather I think it's people just window-shopping to see what's out there with no real interest. It has gotten much less friendly for us though and much more confusing as to how the system works.
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Paying for Leads that dont go anywhere

Hey everyone! Recently I have been getting a ton of leads. They will message me and ask when I am available and I think for sure they are interested, most of them time I am either the only pro they reached out to. So I respond to the lead and tell them I have available when they need me but then they never ever respond. I have spent over $50 this week on leads and they all went no where. Has anyone else been having this problem lately where leads arent turning into jobs? Is there a good way to respond to leads to lock them in for a job or make them more interested?