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Re: Paying for Leads that dont go anywhere


I was in the same situation well over a month again, back in November to be exact. Getting charged for every conversation starter/generic reply. I reply and never hear from customer again. Yet in Thumbtack's eyes, customer is very interested in my services. Really, If they were, wouldn't they acknowledge my reply(with a yes or no)? New system as I was told, was geared towards customers because they didn't want numerous pros reaching out to them. So now, as Pros, we get numerous customers reaching out to us, and we get charged!!!! Thumbtack sees that as customers wanting our service. Not true! I've given many suggestions to improve this new system, but nothing has happend. It's well over a month, and I still don't see even a tweak in the system to suggest to us that they are hearing us.

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Re: Paying for Leads that dont go anywhere

Ah it’s good to know that I am not the only one who is having this problem!! It’s very frustrating because by the time I actually score a job on thumbtack I’ve spent $50-$70 on leads so my net profit isn’t much. I think Thumbtack should allow for refunds if the lead shows a lot of interested and then just never responds to you again. I’ve had leads straight up ask if I’m available for a certain day which to me sounds like a booking. Then I say yes I’m avaikable and they never respond again? I also think Thumbtack should refund if the user messages multiple pros at once and then hires someone other than you. You can view the other people a client messaged in “competition insights” and once I saw that a client contacted 10 other pros.. that means 10 other people were charged for a lead. Thumbtack is really making a lot of money off of us!!
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client not answer

good morning . I am a professional who offers pool and screen service under the name Blue Ray Pool & Screen Service. I want to place my complaint because I have received two requests indicating which clients are interested in my service and by clicking "accept" my credit card has been charged to me. I understand that. The problem that I submit to claim is that the interested parties never responded to my messages, so I never had a real connection with these two clients. I want you to review and reimburse me for the charges. The names of the clients are Phillip and Scott. my email os and my phone number 4075307500.

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Re: client not answer

Good morning @Dunonay! When these customers reached out to you, you had promote turned on and when promote is on, you get charged once the customer requests a quote from you. Because of that, it's not something we can refund for. Since it's only been a few days since they initially requested a quote from you, it's possible that they got busy over the weekend and haven't had the time to look things over. Follow up with them at some time today and let them know you're still interested in doing work for them. 

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When a customer contacts me looking for work to be done,...

When a customer contacts me looking for work to be done, that I didn’t send a bid for I reach out to the customer so thumbtack gets paid for that lead and the customers never respond back. So I’m wasting my money! Anyone else experiencing this?

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it looks like you have promote turned on for three of you...

@Ebett157 it looks like you have promote turned on for three of your services. When promote is turned on, customers are able to pick you from a list of pros and then receive your quote. That's when you're charged. I understand that it's frustrating when you don't hear back from customers and when you get in those situations, make sure you continue to follow up letting them know you're still available. 

Be sure to check out this article here with more info on how our new system works. Let us know if you have any other questions! 

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Yes I understand all that. But it has happened more than...

Yes I understand all that. But it has happened more than a few times and some of these leads are extermely expensive. And is making rethink about using thumbtack. There should be a better way that thumbtack knows there a communication going on then charge the contract not charge them after the first repsonse.

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No response after direct request

I am looking for advice please.

As a Top Pro - I make sure to answer any requests, leads and direct promoted responses within minutes each and every time.  However, I very often do not hear back from the client at all.  I reach out - sometimes 3 times during a month - and still no reply.  

I have adjusted my profile so customers see my rate and availablity options first so there are no surprises.  Still not helping.

I am paying for direct leads and accepting the jobs - I still don't get a response.  

Any suggestions from my fellow top pros would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Dawn -
Personal Computer Consultant
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Re: No response after direct request

@DMS1666 first off, congrats on being a Top Pro! You've got a very awesome profile and everything that we'd recommend pros to have when building their account. The biggest thing I can suggest after looking through your account is following up with customers. Sending a secondary message once the customer has reached out is totally free and a great way to remind them about their project and that you're still available. When following up we usually recommend pros give the customer a day or two and then reaching out with a simple reminder. Give this a try with a few of your recent contacts that didn't respond to your first message yet and let us know how it goes. 

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Re: No response after direct request

What I do is follow up with the leads (it's not a customer to me until they sign up to use my DJ service) three times in a 10 day time frame. That's more then enough time for them to get back to me. Of course they have at least 15 other service pros beating down their e-mail door so my e-mail follow-ups are usually lost in the shuffle  If I don't hear back from them, which more times then not I don't, I archive their request. It's a very difficult proposition to have a lead contact you if they don't provide their contact information when they initially reach out to us using one of the conversation starter questions which of course as we all know we get auto charged for. Getting a leads name only is not repeat not a business lead!