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Re: No response after direct request

I have another observation that I find sort of odd. Before these changes, I used to get a pretty steady stream of leads or at least hits by people who needed work that was at least somewhat close to what I do. Now it comes in blocks... I will go for a week with almost nothing, and then a whole bunch of these "phantom leads" will come in almost all at once... and as we have said, with a response rate of less than 25% after I respond. 

It really feels like TT is trying to apply some AI (artificial intelligence) here that many of the e-commerce companies are using - but it is really not working well.

Thumbtack was so much better before all of these changes hit.  I would love for it to go back to the way it was several months ago. TT was my best source of leads before the changes providing a steady stream of business.. now it is my worst lead source based on my CRM data. I didnt change, the potential clients havent changed... the only thing that has changed is TT. Please fix this!


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Serious Leads

I am sure this topic has been touched on numerous times...but I am continually frustrated with the amount of "leads" that come through only to not be answered or reponded in a ridiculous manner.  Meanwhile I am being chared $10-$20 per lead.  There has to be a better way to weed out prospective "customers" to people actually looking to hire a pro.  It makes no sense that are 300-400 profile views and 2-4 leads.  Why aren't these prospective customes paying money to have access to our business? why are the pros getting screwed over because "Jane Doe"  from 40 miles away is just "browsing and gathering info" only to never be heard from again? maybe if they had some sort financial commitment upfront like we do theyd take OUR time and SERVICES a little more serious...but given the current format, why would the prospective customer care? TT is making so much money off of us PROS but have there whole business to cater to the so called customers.  Why aren't we being taken care of here??

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New payment system

Seems kinda strange I get quite a few leads asking when I'm available. When I respond, nada. Always happens when new billing cycle starts. Hate to be overly suspicious but it's getting a little tired paying alot every week for "ghost" leads
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Re: Let’s talk about becoming a Top Pro

the people who use thumbtack unfortunately tend to be very cheap. there is no education on thumbtack to help people understand a reasonable price for what they want before they go looking for services. 

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Re: Let’s talk about becoming a Top Pro

Yes I was very happy at first sometimes only one out of every 10 would respond but all in all the price of an HVAC system is enough that I could afford to lose those others. Unfortunately things changed now and I’m spending money over the last few months but not getting any work or no responses. I’m wondering if these are even legit and I shut off all of my promotions because I can’t afford to keep paying for nothing.
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Re: Let’s talk about becoming a Top Pro

How we gonna fix false leads,by saying false I mean the window shoppers answering our bid but wasting our time and charge fee,I've been getting alot lately and I'd hate for thumbtack to become like the rest cause I love it here but $30 leads ain't cheap when there just getting bunch of qoutes like there doing
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Re: Let’s talk about becoming a Top Pro

I have been a top pro for several years.  However, now that the way we are charged has changed, I am not putting that much effort into it now.  I hate getting charged for lead, just  to answer a question, and not hearing from them again.  I am getting fewer job offers than before and most don't even answer back.  I am not sure just how serious they are.  I think most are just window shopping.  I wish there was a way Thumbtack could find out.  I will probably never be a top pro again, at least through Thumbtack.  

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Re: Let’s talk about becoming a Top Pro


Window shoppers are a reality we have to deal with.  Think of how often you just window shop. That being said, among all the replies there will be some real customers.  Thumbtack charges us for the chance to be hired - not a guaranteed job. It’s up to us to close the deal. I like to send follow-up messages to customers to let them know I’m still interested.  I also invest in making my profile great, so that customers will want to work with me Not every customer will respond every time; all you can do is make them want to respond to you, by showing them how great you will be work with and what a great experience you’ll be able to provide!

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Re: Let’s talk about becoming a Top Pro

Thanks for sharing these tips, @Eric!

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Re: Let’s talk about becoming a Top Pro

@Eric are you using Promote?