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First Thumbtack Hire


I am new to Thumbtack and sent out 8 quotes over the last few days and have not gotten even one response. I am a little discouraged. I love to paint and I am ready to go. I sent out quotes to various states and areas as well as local to my area. How does on get there first hire? 


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Re: First Thumbtack Hire

Welcome to Thumbtack @Islandshine. It can take a little bit of time to secure your first hire, so definitely stay patient. Your profile is off to a great start, but I would continue building on it. Try getting a few more reviews (remember you can get 10 reviews from customers outside of Thumbtack) and add past projects. Let us know if you have any questions! 

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Re: First Thumbtack Hire

@Geovannipaintin @Abercrombpaint @ThePainter @PercoPainting @Aztecpainting87 @JpaintsUtah as some of our greatest painting pros here in the Community do you have any additional advice that you’d be willing to give towards helping Islandshine land her first Thumbtack hire?

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Re: First Thumbtack Hire

Hello.Welcome to thumbtack we are glad you can be a part of this awesome community!! I would say that if I were you I would test the waters in terms of what sticks best in your area.I would go ahead and try out a professionally made logo as your profile pic for your business.I would also fine tune and change your preferences for paint leads everyday until you get something.Sending quotes is great but sometimes it’s best to not send a quote right away but instead opt to ask the customer if you can set up a free in Home consultation for a quote. Make sure
You’re also turning on the promote button for your service.This way you have double the chance of landing something.