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Re: Asking question and refun6

I'm happy to help @Stevefarha, go ahead and send me a DM with more info. You can do this by going to my profile here and then select, "direct message." I look forward to hearing from you. 

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contacting support

Happy New Year to my fellow pro's!

 Is it me or does anyone have a suggestion on how to reach the corporate office to discuss your account, without automatically being forwarded to an outsourced call center outside of the U.S. I even call right at 7am mountain time when they open and as of the last month, I can never reach someome in the U.S.

I find it extremely difficult to get a problem resolved and it has nothing to do with any language barrier; although I have to have them slow down and listen to my concerns so they understand before they give me some blanket form response.

I think the problem is comprehension. I am a electrician and understanding the trade based in the U.S. is totally different from a electrician in other parts of the world.

And when I bring this up, I get a form letter type response explaining the non-discrimination policy which does not apply because I am trying to convey to TT what I am experiencing with some of their reps.

If they (TT) are trying to save money by outsourcing, that's their call. But you can not outsource the entire department because some pro's such as myself need qualified reps answering the phones that understand the concerns of an electrical contractor operating in the U.S. because we have different laws and processes to abide by.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get TT to address this valid concern?

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Re: contacting support

Hi @Navyguy4688 and Happy New Year! Any agent you speak to on the phone, interact with over text, chat, or email are all trained to help you with whatever you need. I'm sorry to hear that your experiences haven't been the greatest and I want to make sure we get you whatever help you need. Go ahead and send me a private message with any concerns or questions, I'm always happy to help! 

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Re: Is there a telephone number for Customer Service


I am so sorry to hear that your purse was stoen! This is the number for Thumbtack Customer Service: (855)- 846-2825. CS is actually very good at Thumbtack!  The reps give you all the time you need, which is great, especially now, with all these changes!!

Good luck and I hop I helped.


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