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Thumbtack Employee Travis_Turner
Thumbtack Employee

Live workshop: 4 secrets to success on Thumbtack

Hey everyone, Travis from Thumbtack here.

As you're getting started on Thumbtack I wanted to take a minute to invite you to a live, online workshop we're hosting this Thursday February 7th at 9AM PST. 

In this 45 minute workshop, we’ll cover -

  • An overview of what customers see when they search for pros on Thumbtack.
  • The top 4 things you can do to boost your ranking the fastest.
  • Answers to common questions we receive from pros who are newly getting started on Thumbtack.

We'll end with a live Q&A where you can ask your questions directly!

You can join easily by phone or computer. Sign up using this link

And if you can't attend this Thursday, feel free to sign up anyway and we'll send you a recording once it's done.

Thanks, hope to see you all there!

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TackMaster LZDNVG

Re: Live workshop: 4 secrets to success on Thumbtack


Hey, Travis! I don't know how, but I totally missed this and I'm just seeing it today. Are there plans for any other workshops in the future, or is there a way I can see replay even though I didn't register beforehand?

I would love to watch this or at least attend the next one. Thank you Smiley Happy

Level 12

Re: Live workshop: 4 secrets to success on Thumbtack


I had signed up for this, but was unable to login because a bride called me  to finalize a few things for her wedding this Saturday. Can I get a link to view it as well?

Thumbtack Employee Travis_Turner
Thumbtack Employee

Re: Live workshop: 4 secrets to success on Thumbtack

Hey @DJStevie and @LZDNVG thank you for reaching out! You can view a recording of our workshop today at This page will stay updated with the most recent sessions.

You can also register for future onboarding sessions with this link - but keep in mind this content will be similar to the one you just viewed. The basics tips for success don't change a ton from week to week, but we always want pros to have a chance to hear it live and have your questions asked and answered. Thank you both and I hope this helps!