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Making Thumbtack Work For Your Business

So Thumbtack can be a bit discouraging. Sending all of these quotes and not getting any replies, what are you doing wrong? Something I discovered is that I tend to send quotes that are ONLY releveant to my niche. I'm a wedding videographer and although I get requests for other types of videography, I find that I get the most response with sending quotes for customers interested in basic wedding videographer. Have a very well-typed quote explaining your business and what all is included in your package. For me, I list the hours of coverage and all of the small things including raw footage, all editing, DVDs, and digital files just so that it looks like they're getting a lot. I think that's the key to getting replies: responding to quotes that are relevant to your business and listing EVERYTHING included as well. 

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Re: Making Thumbtack Work For Your Business

Thanks for sharing. As you emphasized it boils down to proving how valuable your service will be to the customer. It's something I'm working on every time I send or follow up on my quotes.

Re: Making Thumbtack Work For Your Business

Using Thumbtack the way @tvk5195 noted here, is what worked best for me.  Being able to truly target that niche market allowed me to send bids that were ultimately very successful. 

"The New Thumbtack" takes a lot of that ability to target your true audience away from the pro, and I haven't seen a work around that resets this balance.

Shareen Mann
Freelance writer and editor with The Write Mann, LLC