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Medical Massage

Have you ever had a Massage and didnt leave satisfied or felt dissapointed that relief was not found. With Medical Massge you wont have to worry about that, Medical massage works from a scientific paradigm and focuses on solving specific pain issues. A long with our Medical Massge all our therapis are trained in the Bonacci Method which is a technique that manually aligns nerves, muscles, connective tissue and joints to re-train the posture and allow healing. If you'd like to know more about our services and Methods feel free to visit our website at For a limited time we are offering a 60 Min Medical massge for half the price, thats $50 for an hour, origianl price is $100. Give us a call at 480-585-0252 and ask for our 50% OFF Medical massage.

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Re: Medical Massage

@AZPainPosture welcome to the pro Community. The Thumbtack Community is a place where pros like you in every industry, anywhere in the country, can come together to offer up information and inspiration to help each other build successful businesses. Pros come here to ask questions, get answers, share ideas. If you're looking to connect with new possible customers the best place to do so will be through your Thumbtack profile and account. Be sure to finish setting up there so that you can begin to acquire and respond to new leads.

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