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New ThumbTacker Seeking Advice

I'm a relatively new user whose been around for a while and has only accepted one job so far, mainly because the client and I clicked with one another.

My biggest issue is with the lead costs. I don't have targeting set because I don't know ahead of time what they'll cost me. I'd rather see who hasn't had a reply yet and offer a bid.

Problem with that is, I still don't know what that potentially will cost me if the client replies with anything but a, "No thanks."

With the new implementation of the graduated lead system, can we at least get a heads up regarding what they'll cost us to follow up on expiring and unanswered leads?

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Re: New ThumbTacker Seeking Advice

I completely agree! I have actually stopped using Thumbtack until they fix the issue of paying for leads when the client passes.

For example: this morning I got a lead from a client that requested me on a day that I had my calendar blocked off for. They wanted me to pay $11 to even RESPOND to say I was unavailable. As a business owner who takes great pride in customer service, I never just want to ghost a lead. I always want to respond, even if I am unavailable, because that is good customer service. But I refuse to pay $11 for just saying “id love to work with you, but unfortunately I’m unavailable.”

I have had NUMEROUS people reach out to check availability and I pay to respond to each (I don’t get refunded the lead fee if they decide to go with another photographer.)

I’m basically paying Thumbtack to have a conversation. And I will no longer use the service until we only pay for the lead AFTER the client has booked.
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Re: New ThumbTacker Seeking Advice

I think what would be nice is if when we decline a lead and TT asks us why and we responde with Availibility issues that the client would see that response so they know it wasn't a matter not wanting to do their job