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New and learning about leads

Hey everyone! 

I just set up my profile today and I get that I pay for leads, but I'm still a little confused.

I'm here to ask for help: 

Question 1: I signed up this morning and by this afternoon (currently 5:42 p.m.), I've gotten about 6-7 texts/emails. Are those leads? Did I pay for those? I checked under "payments" in setting but don't see any charges yet, though it may be early. 

Question 2: I sent a few quotes out to those texts/emails I received. But when I attempted to send a few more, it went to a message that said "6 (or 7) pros have already contacted [name of lead]" and I couldn't get to the "quote" page. Is there a limit? Did I take too long (obviously I responded within an hour or so at most)? Did I pay for those leads, even though I couldn't even throw my hat in the ring?

Let's start there. . .Trying to learn. . .

Thanks for your help and feedback. I appreciate it. 


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Moderator Meckell

Re: New and learning about leads

Welcome to Thumbtack @dantricarico, we're happy to have you! Things are going to be different in terms of when you get charged because some of your services are promoted, and one is not. Here's the breakdown of how it's going to work for each.

Reading and Writing Tutoring, and Writing and Editing Services: These services are promoted which means that you told us what jobs you want by filling out your job preferences. We connect you with customers and they're able to reach out to you the second their interested. Since these are jobs you've already told us you're interested in, you're charged once the customer reaches out to you. You also can appear higher in a customers search because having promote on gives you a rank boost. 


Test Prep Services: This service is not promoted so when a customer reaches out to you, you'll have the option to accept or decline the lead. If you accept the lead, you will be charged then. If you decline the lead, you will not be charged. 


The texts and notifications you're receiving are indeed leads for you to quote on. You will see these in your Jobs tab. When you quote manually on these leads, you're charged once a customer responds showing interest in your services. There is a limit on the number of pros who can reach out to a customer manually through the Jobs tab. That's why you were not able to quote on that specific one. 

I want to make sure you have a great understanding of how Thumbtack works. Here are a few videos that I think will be super helpful for you. Give them a watch and please reach out if you have any questions at all!


How Thumbtack Works

Promote my business

Paying for leads

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Re: New and learning about leads

This was super helpful, Meckell. Thank you so much. I think I get it now. 

I appreciate the feedback.


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Re: New and learning about leads

Dan... so how's it going... give us some feedback after your first couple of months with the platform?