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Payment Methods Accepted - Zelle

In our Profiles, there is Payment Methods Accepted information for customers. If there is Vermoand PayPal, why not Zelle? 

I use Zelle with my customers, because banks don't charge you for that and btw that was my customer, who first suggested that option of payment for my services.

Why not here?

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Re: Payment Methods Accepted - Zelle

Great suggestion @Margaret! I've had several customers who have paid me via Zelle. Nice & easy. Like you mentioned there are no fees. I would think this would be a simple addition to the payment methods already listed under our profiles. Perhaps this can be one of the September updates TT? 

Hankster 9/3/19

Community Expert

Re: Payment Methods Accepted - Zelle


I've had quite a few customers pay me through Zelle. Hopefully this payment form will be implemented.

DJ Stevie 9-12-2019

Moderator Kameron

Re: Payment Methods Accepted - Zelle

@Margaret thanks for sharing your experience and suggestion on adding Zelle as a listed payment option. I've made sure to submit the feedback.

Community Newcomer

Re: Payment Methods Accepted - Zelle

I was wondering the same thing as well. I have been also suggesting the "Cash app" to my clients, its free and you both get  $5 for refering her. Nice if its added as a payment method as well. 

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Re: Payment Methods Accepted - Zelle

My kids and I use Cash app a lot.  Would love to offer it to customers.  Nice suggestion. 👏🏼