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Payment Options for Hypnotherapists

Hi, All ~ My first time posting. I'm a hypnotherapist still working on setting up my profile/account here. My current question is how other hypnotherapists/therapists, etc who use video conferencing accept payment from their clients. Square is not an option b/c I obviously won't have a physical card available. I understand that Square is partnered with Weebly (I used Weebly to build my HT website), but in order to use Square, I must have an e-commerce account with W. and that costs $300 per year— beyond my current means. I am considering using PayPal, but one TT customer service person discouraged me from doing that ("too many steps," he said).

So, my question is, what do other hypnotherapists, etc, use for payment? Is PP a viable option? IYO, of course.


Thanks in advance ~ Kaia

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Re: Payment Options for Hypnotherapists

Thanks for starting this conversation @Kaia79. I hope you get insight from other pros here soon! 

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Re: Payment Options for Hypnotherapists

Hello. I'm using Bank of America Merchant Services invoicing - $16 / mo, so less than Weebly, but not by much.

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Re: Payment Options for Hypnotherapists

I use Square by sending an invoice to the client prior to the session. I have not paid any monthly fee for using Square. I have used PayPalMe which I send a link for payment or if you have a paypal account you can also send an invoice as well. Hope this helps you as well.