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Printing Services

Hello Everyone, My Name is Trish. I design Custom Place settings, Birthday Packages for Table Top Decor, I print address labels,I custom made Table top Reserved Seating Signs, I provide you with custom post-cards to promote your business or your band, I custom make Children Center pieces, I make invitations for your up coming Baby Shower, I several to choose from, I customize your own personal Stationary for your home office, Address Labels if you need some to go along with it! Business cards in 2x4 size, Custom Stickers, I do it all for a Economically Priced, If you are wanting a sample thru the mail, Message me, Hope to hear from you. I do business all over the San Antonio Area, and surrounding cities. E-mail me at for more info, or If you use my Referral Program you can make MONEY, too! Inquire within. Got to my site, I will be adding more photo to help you advertise your busines, Your event, Your party, your venue, or your band! 

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Re: Printing Services

@Trish_HMP welcome to the Community, Trish! This is a great place for you to connect with other pros, interact with them, and exchange ideas.


It looks like you're new to Thumbtack as well. Your profile is definitely off to a great start! I would recommend to continue building it by getting some reviews from past customers you've done work for prior to Thumbtack. You can learn more about this here. Remember, you can get up to ten offsite reviews Smiley Happy 


Please let us know if you have any questions about Thumbtack, or the Community. We're happy to have you and we're here to help you in any way that we can. 

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Re: Printing Services

Thank you!

I love this web-site, I just made my account! Looking ford to seeing other businesses and enteracting with people and all the things they do, also!