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Re: Profile Consultations

Hi @ScottK

A couple things. I would start your about with what you do ad not the piece about thumbtack. Also, Maybe add headings that make sense rather than explaining the next paragraph. I honestly thought it was a generic template from thumbtack. Maybe using headings like "About Us" "Services" and "Requesting a Quote." 

Also, I would put a caption on your photos to tell the customer what you completed. Because you do Home Services, it is unclear what you completed in the photos. I feel like before and afters would be great too. 

Just my two cents! Smiley Happy 

Re: Profile Consultations
Do you feel like you can trust my company to do a good professional job? Do you feel like we are the answer to your remodel, renovations and repair needs?
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Re: Profile Consultations

Hello everyone! 

I am trying to use Thumbtack to start my own remote/online personal styling service business. By working remotely I mean that I work with clients using Skype, WeChat, Facebook messenger, emails, phone convos, texts or any other remote/online/phone app format that is easily available to myself and my client. 

Here is the link to my profile: 

As for feedback, I don't have a lot of on the job experience so I'd like any advice you could give me on how to make myself seem more professional. I also don't have a completed website (no custom domain either)...Is there something I can put in its place until it is finished instead of just a link that goes nowhere? I don't have graphics/business images created yet so I feel like my business seems very immature. What do you all think? Where is the best place to have business graphics created?

Also, I know I talk/write A LOT and it seems like my profile may be on the lengthy side. What things should I keep and what should I edit out (i.e. what are the essentials?)? 

AND (yes I know I'm asking a lot!) how in the world do I decide on what to charge my clients?? That is one of my biggest issues...

Finally, I'd love to hear any other advice about anything else that jumps out at you. Smiley Happy 



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