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Thumbtack Employee Travis_Turner
Thumbtack Employee

Sign up for our new pro webinar - November 15th

Hey everyone! Travis from Thumbtack here. If you missed our new pro webinar in October we've got a new opportunity for you to connect with us this month. In this webinar you'll learn how to accelerate your success on Thumbtack and have a chance to and ask your questions live. Here's what we'll cover -

In 45 minutes, a member of our Pro Success team will cover these topics:
  • A deep dive into how customers find you on Thumbtack.

  • Some quick, actionable things you can do to your profile to capture customers’ attention.

  • Answers to a few commonly asked questions about what you pay for.

We’ll then end with a live Q&A where you’ll have a chance to ask your questions to our webinar host directly. 

There are limited spots available, so sign up soon by clicking the registration link below:

  • Thursday, November 15th, 9 AM PST (register)

Feel free to ask us any questions ahead of time, and if you've signed up let us know something you're looking forward to learning in the session. I hope you’re able to make it!
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Moderator Meckell

Re: Sign up for our new pro webinar - November 15th

Such a great opportunity. Thanks for sharing this Travis!