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requests that don't provide enough information

I'm just starting out with Thumbtack offering my service to do portraits in oils. My profile states clearly what I do and the limitations or restrictions I offer. I got my first lead but there was a note that said 'This isn’t one of your typical jobs, so review the details more closely.' Well, I looked at what the prospective client wants and it seemed to a close enough match so I clicked on bidding for it. I was charged a bit over $8. But how does one know how serious the client is? I see under insights that 3 other pros haven't responded and one other than me has. How long does the request stay up for people to bid on? Does it stay up until either a pro gets the job or the client pulls out and decides not to do it after all?

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Re: requests that don't provide enough information

@nyartist Welcome.

Please spend some time reading these community boards. You will get great insight into what pros are seeing as far as what TT functionality is. Things are a bit confusing these days.


Re: requests that don't provide enough information

@nyartist I want to start by saying welcome to Thumbtack! The level of interest a client has will always be up to the pro viewing the job. What one pro really looks for in a job may be different than another. Over time I'm sure you'll develop certain indicators on jobs that stand out to you more than others. A job will stay up to bid on until the customer updates the project to in progress, done, or canceled. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Re: requests that don't provide enough information

Hey NY artist... I grew up in NY.  Please give us an update on your first bid.  I've been a Thumbtack Pro for over 3 years.  The scenario you posted happens often... where several pro's purchase the lead, but the customer doesnt seem to respond.  Sometimes they wait until they hear back from several pro's.  Meanwhile, Thumbtack is doing their best to prod them into action.  Nobody wins if the customers job never gets done.  Sometimes the lead was posted by another pro, secretly searching for clues as to how the competition works.