What does your business do to keep employees happy and engaged?

Houston board Lead
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Shane here with Texas Elite Moving, just wondering what do you do to keep employees happy and engaged with customers? 

In our industry I would venture to say our biggest challenge is getting quality employees, that is saying something when you are a business that moves entire households including specialty items likes pianos and safes up and down stairs.  Once we find them we make sure we take every step possible to keep them happy.

We do have a unique set of prerequisites for employees, since they have to be strong, able to adapt to a constantly changing environment and pass background checks.  If they meet all the qualifiers then we start the training process, which usually takes about a month.  

Texas Elite Moving makes sure to show our appreciation to our employees!  Here are a couple things we do to keep them happy...

  • Annual Trip for all employees, we do a different destination each year, last year was Las Vegas, Prior to that New Orleans
  • Bonus Contests: We provide different contest opportunities to become mover of the month that gives a nice bonus at the end of the month and a great photo op for our fb page
  • Great starting pay!

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