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A few wacky(?) thoughts after being a 5 Star Pro, with TT for some time..


So times I wish there were a widget on the Pro to Client side that lets us explains how Thumbtack works **From the Other Side / The Pro's side, just to let our client have the opportunity to understand more, if they want to.

Goes like this..

So I would like to give you a view of how things work over on this side, Us the people doing all they can to provide You the excellent service you deserve:

  1. Thumbtack is not Free. Your service provider (Like Me) pays an non-refundable average of 12 to 15 Dollars to communicate with you, the customer.
  2. We the service provider pays this fee weather we get hired or not.
  3. So these fee's can add up quickly and all though we Pro's may seem expensive at times we are by no means getting any more than broke.
  4. Everything is expensive, truth is us Carpenters, Handyman have one of the most expensive businesses there is.


**How does the Star Rating system (really) work:

  1. You and 20 more customers give Me 20 + 5 Star Reviews. Now that adds up to showing a solid good Pro for You the customer to hire, right (?) of course it does because that's the best a Pro can be here on Thumbtack and that is 20 or more times in a row.
  2. It isn't easy to earn 5 Stars and it shouldn't be. 5 Stars should actually be all but impossible to achieve.
  3. Being in our line of business and repetitiously earning 5 Star reviews requires a Pro to be very tough, strong, and soft, learned, widely skilled, dexterous, physically fast, a fast thinker, excellent memory skills, excellent planning skills, willing to get over feeling unjustified immediately, a person who can make the biggest mess and then clean it up like it never happened, be a skilled mechanical engineer, a very good artist, at any age be very good at not letting pains and tiredness get in the way of working long and hard hours day after day in any whether, to be a person who can accurately communicate complicated projects to other people having infinitely various levels of understanding and misunderstanding and then Charge them for it, requires a person that can connect with widely differing personalities very quickly, requires great skills in stretching finances on every little thing in a day as far as imaginable even when the money isn't yours, requires the Pro to have a very honest personality to be able to have an honest out come as many times as hopefully Every Time!
  4. All of that said, seems that about one out of 10 customers are impossible to figure out. It seems that they must hate or fear everything or don't have a good enough grasp on how life works or are just plain old thieves at heart. These people will ruin it for me, And You, the client. How ? well so the way I see it is You the client and I both work together to make a Great Thing and we do this a long with everyone else I do work for.. and so *****We Get It Done!***** = 5 Stars for everyone, You and I !, but remember also that the next lady or man I will do work for Also gets 5 Stars. This person naturally deserves 5 Star work just as we all should! Right?
  5. So here I am ready to provide complete the circle again and add another 5 Star person to Our Group!, ..but these dishonest people that gave an obviously way out of the norm low performance score all but permanently artificially lower the Top Rated Pro over time and in doing so, fool the Top Pro deserving new customer into going somewhere else. (Maybe to a newbe ?)
  6. These people are bad for everyone. But that's life and we drive on trying anyway.. Sad, the way Thumbtack works.. All, client sided, we truly great Pro's have no say when it really counts to us.

Thanks for understanding..      

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Re: Let's talk about our pricing

No mechanism to rate clients, as I've had some real stinkers, that I wouldn't want anyone else to endure. The pay at phone call should be, pay at visit, the pay at phone call is still separate from a real person, kind of just like reaching thumbtack is just another disconnect from reality. Too easy for clients to throw ideas out there when they're not ready to start. Something is wrong with the model as it now exists, and let's not forget it's at our expense!
Further we carry all the liability, Thumbtack none. If I was graduate student at Stanford I couldn't write a better business plan for my MBA thesis.  I see no effort whatsoever by thumbtack to be responsive to the people who are making them all the money and being their representative in to any clients we have through this service.

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Re: Let's talk about our pricing

Well put, I couldn't have said it better myself.  Makes you wish you were vested in Thumbtack from day one--you'd be swimming in money now!

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Re: Let's talk about our pricing

Amen ‼️
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