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Account terminated

I have 2 accounts 1 for my residentials and 1 for my commercial accounts and I have been terminated far as I log in and I have no access to my account to edit or even view. Not sure what I did to get deleted yet customers can still click on my profile. All that hard work I did just to get deleted. I'm just disgusted right know, what a slap in the face. I log in and I just go around in circles, the closest I get to my page is to click on my profile as if im a customer with no closer to an answer. I'm discouraged all together. What a waist of time, and I have put hours in.
Sherry A. Robbins
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Re: Account terminated

Let's see what's going on @Aic2020. I just looked at two of your accounts and I'm seeing that they are still active. I want to make sure I'm looking at the correct accounts though. Can you send me a private message with the email addresses associated with your accounts and screenshots of what you're seeing when you log in? 

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