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Are Third Party Leads OK?

I have a question that I, as well as TT support is confused on.... My question is whether third-party leads are ok and subject to promote auto fees being charged to the pro.

An example would be a parent making a request for their adult child for my services. The parent would not be the person hiring me and I have no communication with the actual lead (who is the adult child). 

I have no idea where the adult child is located or even if they know that such a request is being made on their behalf. There is zero evidence that the adult child will hire me.

When the lead typed the request, they used words like "we" and "I" making it seem that the need was for that same person. But, when they told me they did not need my services, they responded with "My kids have found someone else.. thank you"

Is this a legitimate lead? The credit people said yes because they declined my credit request. The chat helpdesk refused to answer the question even when I asked whether this exact scenerio is valid or not valid... and I got the answer of "it depends" which is not a valid answer when my question is limited to that one example.  Its a yes or no question in this case. (they did credit my account for being a valued customer - which is nice, but does not answer the question asked.)

So.. maybe here I can get a better answer... Is this sort of lead valid or not valid based on the information I have provided?

Sorry that my message seems to have a frustrated tone, but more often than I would I expect I have received polar opposite answers from the credit people vs the chat people.. things seem so much in dissaray I had to shut off promote/targeting as I really feel things have gotten worse since becoming a top pro and I cannot afford to dump money into such an uncertain system at this time.


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Re: Are Third Party Leads OK?

@MR I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been receiving conflicting answers around this. Hopefully, I can try to explain a bit more in-depth to help with the confusion.

  • If a job is from a third party, such as a company hiring full-time employees, we’ll refund the charge because it’s against our Terms of Use.
  • The customer that found the pro doesn’t have to be the one receiving the service. Example: a wedding planner hires a bartender through Thumbtack, while the bride and groom are really the ones receiving the service.
  • The job can be submitted on behalf of a family member or friend because they’re either helping with or directly involved in the project.
  • Another acceptable example would be if an assistant or secretary were to contact a pro on behalf of their employer.

These can be tricky and vary from situation to situation so if you’re ever unsure, we are happy to review these as they come up.

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Re: Are Third Party Leads OK?

Thanks @Kameron . This does provide much clarity. 

One follow-on question though, how do you ensure that the geography constraints are met before auto-charging a pro. For example, say the parent is 5 miles from the pro, so that is all fine, but the children are 150 miles away and if this were a direct lead, the 150 miles would be outside of the limits required for an auto-charge to a targeted pro.

Also, your answer is very helpful. Why could I not just receive an answer like that from customer service and not have to waste more time on this? It seems that the folks on the chat line can be very accomodating in giving credits, but are really weak in actually answering a pro's question. 




Re: Are Third Party Leads OK?

When a customer begins their search the zip code shown will be from where the person doing the searching is located, but they can also change this when they start the search to where they need the work done. As well, when a customer is reaching out to a pro they'll be asked a series of questions including what zip code they're needing an attorney in.

If you as the pro later find out the job is so far away and outside of your travel preferences that it would qualify for a refund since the details of the job changed significantly.

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