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Blocking time on calendar

So I am on vacation the last week in August and then off to the US Open in NYC the weekend after.  I block the time on my calendar for both events.  On Thursday I recieved a lead which says I have paid for this because it is a perfect fit.  I decline the lead because I am at the beach in NC and the lead is the Philadelphia PA area.  When I requested a refund I was told that this one time I would receive a credit but no refund as the lead was a perfit fit.

What am I missing ?  There must be a process where when you have time blocked you don't receive a lead.  Can anyone assist me with this process?



Alex 310Photos

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Re: Blocking time on calendar

@Alex310Photos If you've successfully blocked out a day or time on your calendar, but later receive a lead for that day or time you'll then be given the option to decline the lead without being charged. I'm glad you were able to contact us and get that lead refunded. 

Aside from blocking out dates on your calendar, you can use the new "hide your business" to keep leads from coming in while you're away. Read more about it in our Community post here:

Re: Blocking time on calendar

Thanks so much. This is very useful information.