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Re: Calendar

@bill1967 you have to respond to meckell like this @Meckell 

If you don't use the @ she won't know you are responding.

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Re: Calendar

@cranichik Thank you.
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Re: Calendar

@bill1967 I certainly understand your concerns and as I said previously I'm more than happy to jump in and take a look at this for you. When a customer says they are open to other dates, we would hate for you miss out on a future job opportunity that could help bring in extra revenue for your business, especially when you have to take time off for an injury. Send me a private message and we can help look into the situation and work with you to get this resolved.

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Re: Calendar

I had a similar siuation as yours where I had to block off some time. I don't have a clue how the Calendar works but I was told by customer service that you could deactivate your account amd then reactivate it when you are ready, this way you wont get any lead during that period of time. I specifically asked if my review would still be there when I reactivate it (since im TopPro dont want to lose my hard earned reviews) and they said everything would still be there. I mever deactivated but maybe this is something you can look into as an alternative.
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The new view/format of the Calendar

Why did Thumbtack change to a new view/format of the Calendar?
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Re: Calendar


The calendar feature has again changed. Why is that? I went to unblock some dates, and found a new design, and it takes longer to unblock dates/times, as we have to unblock each hour individually. Any reason for yet another change to the calendar? Suggestion, please go back to the original calendar format!

Screenshot_2019-08-11 Pro Calendar – Thumbtack.pngScreenshot_2019-08-11 Pro Calendar – Thumbtack(1).png

DJ Stevie 8-11-2019