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Considering being a pro... but can't find an idea of costs?

My wife just turned me on to Thumbtack for looking for pros. (subcontractors).  Now that I'm using it to find pros, I'm thinking about signing up as a pro, but it seems there's no info on the actual cost to be a pro on here?  I did see the page about paying for leads. But even that is a bit not clear... someone contacts me about a job.  To me, that sounds like Thumbtack gave me a lead to that customer.  And I have to pay at that point?  But then it talks about if I accept the job or not? I have to pay at that point?

The pages are very 'cute' - lots of videos, quizzes, etc.  But can someone point me to an idea of fees per lead?  I DID see how the charge can vary.  I reached out to a couple pros that were near me / sounded interesting. But someone could check loads of boxes for loads of pros and each pro has to pay a fee to thumbtack for that check box? Or once the pro says I can do it / give me more details? But if the buyer never gets back to you because they checked lots of boxes and found someone else? You still paid?

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Re: Considering being a pro... but can't find an idea of costs?

Hey there @DMD2 we love when customers decide to use Thumbtack as a pro! How it works is pros pay to get introduced to new customers. You only pay the first time a customer messages you, requests a call or estimate, or asks for your availability.
If your preferences are set, the customer's request matches those preferences and they reach out to you, that's when you'll be charged.
If the customer reaches out to a different pro, you still have the option to quote on that job. If you quote on that job, you're not charged until the customer responds to you. 
The cost of these interactions will indeed vary. It all depends on the type of the job, the size of the job, the number of pros available, and how serious the customer is. 

We want to make sure we get all of your questions answered and eliminate any confusion. Feel free to reach out with any other questions! If you'd prefer to talk over the phone, give us a call at 800-948-2034.

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Re: Considering being a pro... but can't find an idea of costs?

  1. If you use the "Promote" feature and are auto-matched to a lead, you are charged that lead's price.
  2. If you contact a lead that you found (not using Promote), you are charged if they accept the quote/message.
  3. If a lead contacts you (not using Promote), you can accept it or decline it. You are charged once you accept it.

The fact of the matter is, we have no idea what goes into lead costs. At least for video production, lead costs have soared recently for low paying jobs ($20-40 a lead for jobs paying up to $700). I don't know why.

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Re: Considering being a pro... but can't find an idea of costs?

@DMD2 Why don't you post what your profession is, and maybe ask other pros in your profession to direct message you with their costs. That is the only way you will get a realistic answer.

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