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Contrary Info in the Leads

I wish to share an experience I had today with a customer service rep during an online support chat. A lead was posted in my jobs with conflicting dates. The poster said  (in the message paragragh) that she wants a Chef to cook 3 meals per day at her family estate for the dates of June 28- June 13. Could she mean July 13? Does she really want a Chef for 15 days? Her price range is stated as $30-$50 per person. She expects 6-10 guests. Does she mean per day? That could potentially be $30 x 6 pp = 180 per day. At 15 days, this comes to $2700. Is this what she wants? The lead seems sketchy. When I inquired about this matter, the customer service rep said it was a valid lead. I asked how does this get by TT's vetting? He said it is how the system is set up.

I would like to know what other Pros think about this. What would you do in the same or similar situation?

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Re: Contrary Info in the Leads

@ChefOfAllSeason that is an interesting scenario. Was this a new lead that came into your inbox and that you'd already paid for so that you could begin to discuss and have the customer elaborate? Or was this an opportunity in the Jobs tab that you could choose to quote or pass on?

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Re: Contrary Info in the Leads


This was an opportunity in my jobs thread that I have an option to pass on. I did and so has everyone else who has seen it. Given the location and type of job, there must be at least 2 dozen pros who are staying away from this one. The lead is still up until this afternoon. Would you like a screen shot? The red flag that is raised here is that this sort of thing is not unique. TT's response is that it is how the system works. Not exactly inspiring to Pros who work hard at making our methods better, not worse. Anyway, maybe this post will help towards a solution.


Re: Contrary Info in the Leads

@ChefOfAllSeason although there isn't as much info as you'd like, it's still a valid lead. If there isn't enough info for you to give a quote, feel free to pass on it. This feedback, however, is super helpful so thank you for sharing it with us! Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. 

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Re: Contrary Info in the Leads

How is the lead valid? The time frame of the job is for June 28th-June 13th. 

Pricing and Lead Process

I would like to share another faulty lead story:

Yesterday a "lead" came up in my jobs tab asking for a Chef to fill in at a restaurant for two nights. The wording in the message area was very vague and poorly written to the point of being only semi-comprehensible. This happens frequently.

Now, I do not promote my Personal Chef service specifically for cases like this. It has been up on day, expires in two and a half days, ten Pros have been contacted and no one has responded. And no one ever will.

My heart goes out to the hard working Chefs who are compelled to pay $30 each for this shoddy poorly vetted "lead". So far TT colected $300 for providing poor product; that is not how a true professional operates. We all read the boards here; this happens time and time again to Pros. Every day TT refuses to make changes that benefit US is another day they lose our confidence, patience and business. It is time to earn back our trust!