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Deactivate Thumbtack

Can someone answer a few questions for me?

#1: While trying to create a pro account, I accidentally created a customer account using one of my business email addresses. I deactivated the customer account once I realized it but, now I cannot use that email on my pro account. How do I cancel the customer account so that I can use the correct business email for my pro account?

#2: I do not want to pay a weekly fee for leads, how do I cancel that option? Is it worth canceling?

#3 My profile keeps resorting to the incorrect category that my business should be in. How do I correct this?


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Re: Deactivate Thumbtack

Welcome to the Community @themotivezone. I'm seeing that you have a pro account all set up. If you're needing help with another account or the services you're in, you'll need to contact us so we can get a little more information from you. 

On Thumbtack, you're not charged for a weekly fee. What you pay for is to be connected with customers and there are a couple of scenarios in which you'll be charged:

-If you have your targeting preferences set, a customer reaches out to you and their job matches those preferences, you'll be charged for that lead. 

-If the customer's job is slightly outside of your preferences and you accept, you'll be charged. If you decline you will not be charged. 

-If you send a quote through the Jobs tab and a customer responds, you'll be charged once they respond. 

Let us know if you have any other questions, we're happy to help! 

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