Do budget customers think Thumbtack "works"?

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I got an email this morning essentially saying "Jane hasn't heard back from any pros..."

I look at the post and see that her budget is "under $400".  The cost to respond to her is $26.50.  She has reached out to 4 Pros and none have responded. 

To put things in perspective:  I won a $15K job in May and I paid $15.44 for the lead.  Now, granted I think Thumback was running a special to discount some exact match leads at the time.  And the customer listed their budget as "Over $7500"...but still.  If a $7500+ job lead costs $30.88, then an "Under $400 job lead" should not cost more than $5.

I'm guessing that there are hundered of people everyday who come to Thumbtack, post a job with a very low budget and then get no response from the Pros they reach out to and then they walk away saying "Well, Thumbtack doesn't work."

Why not show these low budget jobs to only New Pros and charge them like $5 to repsond to her?  Isn't that better than having her walk away from the platform frustrated because she didn't get a single response?  She has no idea that it costs $26 for the Pro to respond.