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Do you really enjoy what you do?

Whats the hardest thing youve encountered when launching your own business, considering you are a one man operation? Has anyone found a surplus in the market with no enough availability?; & if so, how do you gradually and successfully proceed in becoming a corporation in regards to hiring more help, labor &/ or contracting
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Re: Do you really enjoy what you do?

Hi @Chantelleprc I feel you! When I was running my wedding cake company full time, these were the struggles I had. I am great with the creative side, but the business side is a little trickier for me. Luckily, my husband is the left brained one in the family, and helped me with all of this stuff. Depending on your state/city, there should be some online resources as far as the processes for incorporating. When it comes to hiring, labor, contracting, etc - let's see if we can find some other pros with experience and advice.


@Sarah-Rooforia has tons of great advice and expertise in expanding your labor force and growing your business.

@ChefPaulStaley has a huge staff and a lot of experience with multiple jobs/contracts.

@vaughn has experience working in multiple locations.


What advice can youguys give @Chantelleprc?

Best of luck to you!


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Re: Do you really enjoy what you do?

The hardest thing that I encountered when launching my business was finding a balance between my personal and work lives. I'm a one person operation and there's probably 300+ other vendors in my category in my market but I don't have an issue with availability. I've gained enough experience and positive reviews to price myself out of the average price range and have found a niche of clients that I can get a consistent flow from. My company is currently a corporation since I anticipated hiring employees in the future, but I don't foresee myself hiring any other full-time employees just yet as I would like to expand my specialities first. For now, I hire seasonal employees.