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Re: Does spending effect position on search results?

Now I don't show up at all in the search results. Neither on desktop nor Mobile devices. Not below the fold. Not on clicking 'see more' No where. Whats going on?? I'm certain I've checked off all the required criteria. 
This is just frustrating. So many glitchs, and tests. I'm certainly feeling targetted here. Why??

According to you the five things that determine where you show up in Search Results are

1. Profile

2. Promoting your business

3. Pricing

4. Responsiveness

5. Reviews

Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 5.24.17 PM.png

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Re: Does spending effect position on search results?

@MMM_Memories Are you selecting any filters when doing a search? When I select filters, I am seeing you appear in Wedding and Event Photography. Something to keep in mind is that you are in an extremely competitive area. Although your profile looks great, it's not fully completed and that could be affecting where you rank. In order for your profile to be complete, you'll need to take a background check. One other thing is your response time. It's currently at 2 hours and 52 minutes, which is good, but if other pros are responding quicker, they could rank above you. I would recommend completing a background check as well as trying to improve your response time. 

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Re: Does spending effect position on search results?

Thanks. I can hardly influence my response time if there aren’t any leads to respond to could I?

Zero leads.

Has TT changed some parameters again?? If the algorithm keeps changing and we have no control over reaching out to clients as it was before, then shouldn’t it be transparent as to how things work?

How can Pros run a business based on lead generation if we have no control over contacting users and you’re not transparent with your system?

Hate to have to say this, but having taken the onus of contact and interest out of the Pros hands meant that TT has to come up with a system that works for the pros at the level they used to work at themselves.

Nothing and no one will work as hard as the Pro for their own business. Before, what work or effort you put in is what you reaped.

Now an algorithm tries to make it work equally for Pros who are at different levels of motivation and commitment to working off of TT and it’s failing even the most committed pros who have been with TT for years. This is a poor system.