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Down Under

I had an interesting lead come in on Monday.  This woman was looking for Wedding and Event Videography in Cookeville, TN (about 80 miles outside of Nashville).  Her request was for Friday, April 26th.

She reached out to only me.

Her initial message was the canned "What's the next step?"  followed up by a manual message of "Hi, Can I please have a call with you asap regarding a job in Cookeville. I am in Sydney, Australia and can call in the next two hours" 

It was after 5:30pm, I was actually busy doing something with my family.  I couldn't call her, but was able to text back and forth a few times.

I asked her what type of event it was, turned out it wasn't an event, but a social media influencer video they needed and the date was flexible.

A few more back and forths about some of the details and I gave her a quote.

Then she hits me back with "Thank you so much for your time. I have gone with someone else that I got in touch with last month. It is great to know that you are keen and to have your price range. I will def keep you in mind for anymore need for content if you're ok with that"

So it was April 22nd, the last weekday of March was the 29th, which was 24 days prior.  But somehow, she has decided in 3 hours and 33 minutes after a few messages with only me (no other Pros on Thumbtack) that she is going to hire this mystery videographer.  

At this point, I realized that I paid $19.93 to respond to someone who:

1)  Didn't fill out the Thumbtack form correctly, therefore giving misleading information.

2)  Already had a Pro (probably not from Thumbtack) in mind

3)  Was probably just price shopping because her boss told her to.  The only reason for her putting "ASAP" was she needed 1 more quote to justify what her company was going to pay this other videographer for the project.

When I reported the lead as a customer with no intention to hire, this is the response I got from an unidentified member of the Support Team. 

"We can’t issue a refund because you paid for the value of a connection with a potential customer, and that connection is still valid. Read our help article Refunds to learn more."

What is the value here?  There is no value.  The connection is not valid.  She was deceptive.  There would be value if she was honest in her initial post and was considering hiring someone.  Her mind was made up prior to her message to me.  She just needed someone to validate her decision.    

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Re: Down Under

@StoriesUpSTL I want to get a better idea of this situation so I can give you a further explanation. Can you send me a private message with the name of the customer? 

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Re: Down Under

Something very similar happened to me this week. I sent a message about an interior painting job to a request submitted March 23. The job poster replied to me on April 22 asking me to give her a call, I called her right away, as the conversation starts the lady tells me she just wants to have an idea of how much it would cost to paint her whole house, I respond that is impossible to know without actually looking at the whole scope of the project but based on what she is telling me, she is looking to spend between 3k to 4k, She responds back by thanking me, that's all I needed to know she said. I want to tell my husband how much money we are saving by doing it ourselves and hangs up.


I obviously submitted the request for credit and this is their answer: 

It looks like the charge for the lead, XXXXX XXXX, is not eligible for a refund because it’s more than 30 days old. In order for a lead to be considered for a refund, the request has to be made within 30 days. To learn more about what is and isn’t refundable, see our policy.

$29.66 into the drain.

I am working hard to not be dependable of Thumbtack anymore, they obviously don't care about us so why should we care about them.


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Re: Down Under

@jesuseldyablo85 I'm sorry that you feel we don't care, we definitely do! With that being said, we do have a refund policy set in place for us to follow. I'm more than happy to take a second look into this and see what I can do to help. WIll you send me a private message with the name of the customer?

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Re: Down Under

I want to make clear that my frustration is not with you but Thumbtack (the actual decision makers I guess). Customer service is already a hard job as it is and you being the customer service rep on an open forum like this one where a whole bunch of PROs vent their frustrations must not be easy.


With that being said, I know you said you all care maybe you do, but it is hard to believe that the decisions makers do. All the changes done lately are against us, features that were helpful for us have been taken away not to mention that the cost of the leads has increased dramatically, I know I am working hard not to need Thumbtack anymore and I am sure I'm not the only one. Hopefully, changes that benefit the pros will come soon enough because I don't foresee anything good for TT if things continue being the way they are.

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Re: Down Under

Hey Stories up.. please post an update here in this thread... we all like to learn from each others experience.  When we have serious questions, if we only respond with private messages to the moderators.. then the community does not benefit.  Please post an update.