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Has Thumbtack changed the way they Advertise?

Hello all!
I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed a difference in the way that Thumbtack advertises their service(ultimately your service) via search engines?
During the last half of last year I found that when doing a general Google search for one of my services(I searched for handyman, junk removal and plumber), thumbtack was the number one listing at the top of the search page and business was good. I recently have had quite a decline in jobs with some days having no jobs at all and I offer over a dozen services. So I did a couple Google searches and now thumbtack comes in around the 7th to 10th listing on the page, below yelp, home adviser and Angie's list.
Seems like there is a direct correlation with my business at least I'm my area. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed anything like this with thumbtacks web advertising either for better or worse?

Thanks all,
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Moderator Kameron

Re: Has Thumbtack changed the way they Advertise?

Hello @Jake, our connection with Google hasn't changed recently and it's up to their own algorithm as to when and where things show up in their search. Many categories that are similar to yours will often experience some seasonality decline in customers about this time of year as well. However, I'd still like to see what we can do to help you get some additional contacts. Your account is in very good standing, congratulations on making Top Pro and having so many consistent great reviews! The main thing I noticed when glancing over your account is that none of your services have been Promoted. Have you considered taking maybe one or two of your biggest categories, fine-tuning your preferences, and then activating Promote to show up higher in the search results list? You can also learn more about Promote and how it works here if you haven't quite looked into it yet. 

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Re: Has Thumbtack changed the way they Advertise?

Hey Kameron thanks for the reply but I actually do have promote turned on for one of my services. I turned it on for junk removal a couple weeks ago just to try it out like you mentioned, have not had one request since. I have been doing most of my services for years and I am well aware of the seasonal incline/decline of work. I also understand that you guys are really only here to keep these discussions from going in a way that is negative for business. So while I appreciate your time, I really wanted to hear from some other pros who might have had some actual experience with this.

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