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How are "Response rate" and "Response time" calculated?

According to my Insights on the mobile app, my 24 hour response rate over the past 30 days is 83%. I have responded to every customer in the past month, usually within an hour, so how is it not 100%? I've never seen it show 100%; only 90-something or 80-something. Where are all these customers who I'm not responding to within 24 hours? 

The Response time is currently 8 hrs 3 mins, which again, is far off the time I take to respond. 

It honestly does seem like Thumbtack is just making up these numbers. How can they be so far off reality? 

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Moderator Meckell

Re: How are "Response rate" and "Response time" calculated?

Hi @Daniel_O, thanks for bringing this to my attention! I'm digging into your account to see what's going on. Once I get some answers, I'll be sure to send you a private message with more info. We'll get this figured out!

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Re: How are "Response rate" and "Response time" calculated?

Thank you! It's been like this for months and always bothered me, just never enough to make me speak up.