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Re: How does a lead get selected to appear in my Jobs Tab?

@ChefOfAllSeason wrote:

@KameronIt has been my understanding that a lead goes automatically to a Targetting Pro's inbox as soon as it is submitted; and the job poster also has the option of manually reaching out to other Pros too. Is that correct?

This is not what happens. The job poster manually reaches out to pros on the list of search results; nothing is done automatically on their behalf. 

Targeting just means that you show up higher on the search results, and thus have a higher chance of being seen and contacted by the job poster.

The only thing that is 'automatic' about targeting, is that you automatically pay, if the customer contacts you (for an exact match).


Re: How does a lead get selected to appear in my Jobs Tab?

@Daniel_O correct, thanks for making sure that distinction was clear.