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I'd like to see more high end customers

I do video production for businesses and non-profits.  I don't do weddings or small personal projects.  I've been on Thumbtack for about 2.5 years and I've seen a HUGE dip in the amount of leads that come in and the amount of gigs I've landed this summer (June - mid Aug). 

I believe the main reason is that I set my budget minimum to $1500-$2500 back in May or whenever they first allowed us to do this.  I've experimented with setting at $1000-$1500 in certain markets.  But I haven't had much success so far. 

I'm in 29 different markets so I feel I have a unique perspective on the landscape for videographers like myself on Thumbtack.  I'm #1 in searches in 6 markets, and #2 in a few others.

I'd really like to see Thumbtack start advertising on LinkedIn or some other sites besides Facebook/Instagram.  It seems like there are a lot of B2B service providers who aren't connecting with the right clients because Thumbtack seems to focus more of their marketing on the average Joe type client who is more budget concsious.

My last two Thumbtack hires where $14.5K and $9.5K gigs, so I know there are clients out there who have decent budgets, but it is few and far between.

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Re: I'd like to see more high end customers

Completely agree. for me the TT client of days gone by were able to pay their bills and also had no issue with a retainer. Today a high percentage of them are the client who is seeking legal services through legal aid, tell me they can’t afford to pay for a lawyer or want pro bono work. Also the number of leads who are dealing with incarceration and abuse issues is much higher than before.
The amount of business I now source from TT now is near zero. I spoke to several other area attorneys on TT and they say the same thing.
Also I have not seen an ad here in the Chicago area for every bit of 2 years so I am sure TT is not focused on marketing here.
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Re: I'd like to see more high end customers

Yes, the high end customers are definitely going elsewhere. After getting charged twice for bogus website leads, I had to turn off my promotion. Since that time I’ve looked at probably 50 job requests asking for a web designer all selected that their budget was below $500.

I believe Thumbtack could do a much better job at classifying jobs as well. On a recent job that I bid on the customer came back asking if I had experience with Zoho and Payment gateways and said that he didn’t need a website he had one. But that he felt his issue was closer to Web Design than computer repairs. I was still denied a refund.