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I voted by unchecking a box...

Tonight I unchecked all of the "Music Videos" box on all 27 of my Thumbtack profiles?

Why do you ask?

I was sick of paying $25-$35 for leads that turned out to be from:

- minors

- people that don't even have a song recorded yet

- people who's songs aren't in English and don't tell you that upfront

- flaky people in general

This makes me sad because I enjoy doing music videos.  Last year I had a great client from Thumbtack pay me $2800 to do a music video.

But the system is broken and I feel like I'm getting kicked in the head over and over again.

Those clients that are diamonds in the rough just aren't worth spending hundreds of dollars on.

Good luck to all the true musicians/artists, I hope they find a great videographer on Thumbtack.  It's just not going to be me.


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Re: I voted by unchecking a box...

@StoriesUpSTL it's certainly hard to hear that you had to make this decision. However, you know your business better than anyone and the things that will/won't work for you. I do want to mention that we do not allow minors on the site and that this does violate our Terms of Use. If you have a recent instance of this happening be sure to let us know and we can look into it further. As for the other points you've made for having to turn off the category, I'll be passing that along as feedback for the category as we work to strengthen lead quality. 

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