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Lead Quality Low

Where have all the quality leads gone?  

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Re: Lead Quality Low

I've been thinking the same thing. I've been on thumbtack for almost two years and now im paying for leads that have doubled in price and are not exactly matches like it's been claimed that they are. im very dissappointed and thinking about leaving. I think it's ridiculous. If im paying double the price for leads i feel like i should only get charged if they book the job.

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Re: Lead Quality Low

I just complained directly to Thumbtack about this, getting charged for the "targeted" leads that never make contact, and when they do, the leads are VERY poor or cancelled.

Also like the potential clients stating they want a 2hr job, I quote a 2hr job, they respond so now I'm charged, then after talking with them, they want the quoted price for 4~5hrs. Or answering a quote to a job, to then find out thats their entire budget, not the share that they want to pay you. Or the "yes, lets do this", then wait while whatever and then your ghosted.

I turned off my targeting on most of my services, and now Thumbtack rewards me with not having my profile showing up, or my even getting any postings of jobs being asked by clients....

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Re: Lead Quality Low

I think part of this issue, is that "2-Hours" is the default setting for many different types of jobs that a JP can post for. 
I do furniture and equipment assembly, and I often see "2 Hours" as the estimate, on things that are much longer than 2 hours. 
It would be nice if TT could change that default, and force the JP to select something. 

This tiny issue alone, makes me pass on many job leads. If I feel that the JP has an unrealistically low expectation for how long a job will take, and the contact price is high (for me, anyway). Then I will PASS on that job.

I remember, back in 2013, one of my first TT assembly jobs. A large IKEA armoir, and a large Sauder brand stand-up pantry cabinet. We walk in, and the guys says...entirely serious  "so this will take about 45 minutes, right?"

I have not been able to get traction on the issue.