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Mile radius of "Near my service area"

Thumbtack informed me that someone "chose" me and I replied (got charged by TT), only to speak with the woman to discover that she wanted someone in her area who she can physically meet with.  I went back to the listing she submitted to TT and it specifically stated she was wiling to travel 25 miles (not do it over the internet/phone).  She is in PA while I am in CA.  I notified TT of this, as I don't believe I should be charged for someone who never had any intention of hiring me and who is clearly out of the service area.  TT's response was that I should keep following up with this woman, basically harassing her and that my profile setting of offering services near my service area was the reason we were matched.  How on earth is 2,839 miles apart (yes, I mapped it) anywhere near the service area.  TT should have never matached me to this person, nor encouraged me to harass her when she clearly told me via the phone she wanted someone local.  What is TT's definition of "Near" I am very curious to hear this. 

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Re: Mile radius of "Near my service area"

Hi there @OTL, I'm happy to take a look into this and help get things figured out! Will you send me a private message with the name of the customer? 

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