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More Local

Hi there! I am I love Thumbtack. Sometimes I am confused on the payments...But that said. Its been a great avenue for my small one man show Personal Chef buisness. My question is this!

HOW DO I GET MORE LEADS IN MY LOCAL AREA?  I love all leads, But would like to remain and service more local clients. I also would like more PERSONAL options. I am not a caterer. But have the means to do so. My goal is to educate, lead and help couples, family's that are just to busy to do so. And watch them enjoy a healthier way of life. THOUGHTS? IDEAS? please pass on



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Re: More Local

Hello @CHEFreyL, I'm so happy to hear that you've enjoyed your Thumbtack experience. To keep up on your payments be sure to check on your Payments page. For more information about when and what you pay for you can search our Help Center or ask questions here in the Community.

To get more leads in your local area you'll need to set up your targeting preferences for each service you offer. These preferences will include your preferred areas to work in around you. 

When selecting your travel areas you can either choose specific areas or radius. I always recommend selecting the specific areas you want to target over radius. This ensures you know exactly where you would be traveling to.

I also noticed that your Jobs tab distance filter was set to 150 miles. In the Jobs tab, we'll show you jobs where the customer has already contacted another pro directly, but you could also be a great fit and offer a quote. This is a secondary way to earn hires after you've gotten your targeting set up to get directly contacted through the search results. Remember these are not considered leads until the customer responds to your quote. Those opportunities will be shown from distances up to 150 miles. On that same page, you'll see a filter to narrow down that distance. 

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More Local

I have used the auto system. My settings were set to the right areas. However, I kept getting leads from areas way out of my service area! I was being charged for these leads. My checking account was being depleted by these leads and jobs that I just Could not service. It was causing serious overdraft problems, taking more money out of my pocket. So..... for these leads that are out of service area, you need to fix the charges. I live In NJ and was being charged for leads in NYC, Maryland, Connecticut. What is the explanation for that?????


Re: More Local

@Sheri0507 we, of course, want pros to be paying for leads that are within an acceptable distance for them and their business. I'd recommend reaching out to our support staff to go over and make sure your preferences are indeed set correctly for the area you service. If you have specific leads that you're concerned about they can go over those with you as well. 

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