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Need a TOS interpretation from TT

This morning I received a couple of leads where the pro picked only me. I responded within minutes and I can see that the lead read my response very quickly. However, the leads never responded back to my questions.  (There are a variety of theories why this is such a problem, but that debate is for another thread.)

Now, I know the response here will be, give them time to respond. However, we all know that even after 2,3 4 messages from the pro, the leads never respond back - even days later. Ghosting remains a HUGE problem on this platform.

So, I am asking if there is anything in our TOS that prohibits us from politely reminding the lead that we pros pay significant money just to see the lead's request and the favor of a response of any kind would be highly appreciated.

I really think so may of the leads are just poking around and have no idea what we pay. Many likely think it is free for us. If it were 2-3 dollars this would be a non issue, but $40 and up is a lot of money that I am not sure I can justify any longer  -  and as a law firm I have a pretty large marketing budget... I just need to move my marketing resources elsewhere I am afraid.

So - is there anything in the TOS that TT believes prohibits us from making such a statement in a response?  (please note this question is not about the "customer focus" aspects, it is all about the rules.) If so, please direct us to that provision.

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Re: Need a TOS interpretation from TT

@MR As of right now it's not against our terms of use, however, it's not best practice either as it doesn't make for a great customer experience. I would encourage you to try and win the customer over rather than remind them that you were charged when they contacted you. Keep the focus on the end goal which is you getting hired. 

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Re: Need a TOS interpretation from TT

And I've mentioned this several times to support. Thumbtacks current pricing flow means there's lots of 'tire-kickers' where we paid good money to quote a job, just not hear ANYTHING back. Not even a 'not interested'. Untill the requestor has skin in the game, this behavior won't change.

Re: Need a TOS interpretation from TT

I agree. There should be some sort of rule that prohibits ghosts (a very good word).

I’ve had quite a few myself. It’s very frustrating that they can get away with it. No harm to them, but harm to us pros.
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Re: Need a TOS interpretation from TT

After using TT for just over a year and 108 hires later I have found that people have no idea that every lead costs us money and seeing those dollars fly out the window from people that just don't respond can be frustrating.  However...   every job that we do has the potental to turn into more jobs in the future.  Events that I got last year through TT invited me back to shoot their events again this year and my marketing costs were "0".   Mutliple referrals throughout the year from jobs that I initially got from TT were (that's right you guessed it) .  "0" . I did a real estate photo job for a property managment company that I got through TT and over the last year I have been hired to do another 15 properties.   


So my take on this whole subject is to;

  • Learn the best practise for your autmatic leads that will match your ideal client the best you can
  • Learn how to engage initially with that customer to get them to respond.  I find the best way to do that is to ask a leading question that gets them to answer you.   The more you can engage with a customer the better chance you have of getting hired.
  • Stay away from trying to get them on the phone right away.  Some people will only talk on the phone when they want to as they might have a thing about talking to people on the phone.  Communicate in the way that they want to communicate, ie. text, email, chat etc..  I have a questionairre that I send out which people like to use.
  • Respond as quick as possible even if it is to say that you are on a job and will get back to them again later.
  • Don't write too much in your initial message.  Some people won't read a long winded message.  Keep it short and to the point.  If they respond back with a long message than you can also do the same.
  • Try to use the same language as they do.  Like if they say "Hi Pro" then respond with "Hi Customer" . try to mimic how the same language.  This helps you relate to the customer right away.

Working with people is a constant learning experience.  There are many resources online on how to communicate with people.   Learn as much as you can and you will see your reponses grow.  Said that,  unfortunatley we are still going to get those tire kickers that will ghost the best communicater out there.   Would be nice if people knew that they cost us money. 

Reminds me of a story about a customer experience recdently.  There was a bride that contacted 13 photographers for her wedding that was over a year away.  I was one of those people and it wasn't an automatic lead so I had the option of declining.  I decided to accept the lead and pay the piper.  Out of the 13, 9 pros responded so I wasn't liking the odds of this at all.  So I just did my usually wedding type response asking an initall leading question of (is the ceremony and reception in the same location) . pretty simple stuff but it gets people to start communicating. (remember the more someone talks to you the more they trust you as a potential vendor) . We had about 6 back and forth communications all the time I was not asking to talk on the phone.  This lead to the bride wanting to have a meeting.  I was very busy could only meet at a Star Bucks that was on my way to a wedding that we were shoointing on the cape that day.  What was funny was she didn't want to talk on the phone still but we had each other's phone numbers and were texting.  We were expecting BrideZilla and weren't very optimistic about it.  Turns out that she was the nicest down to earth kind of gal and out the of the 13 photographers she hired us.  Several weeks later I shot their engagement photos with their dog Loui and had the best time ever.   

So that story was to say that I stuck with communicating the way that she wanted to engaging with questions and won her trust before we ever met.  

A really good resource that helps you with communicating with leads is by Alan Burg who wrote "Why Don't They Call Me" . most of my methods I got from this book.   Here the link if you want to check it out.

I hope this thread helps shed some light for you.

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