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Pros hiring Pros

I'm not sure if people in other industries have this issue, but for me in Video Production...I'll post a job looking for a production assisant for a corporate video shoot.  I'm usually paying $160-$200 for an 8 hour day. 

I understand this may not be the type of job that many Pros in the Video Production industry would do or even respond to.  But there may be a younger, up and coming pro that has very few hires on Thumbtack.  I feel if there was a "Pro wants to hire another Pro" type of pricing option, it might work out better.  Maybe just $5 for a Pro to respond?

I've been burned by people on Craigslist and I'd rather use the Thumbtack community to hire, but since there isn't a Production Assistant option, I feel like most people ignore my job posting because it would cost them $25-$30 to respond.  

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Re: Pros hiring Pros

@StoriesUpSTL although this type of inquiry isn't specifically something we've designed around, I can certainly see how it could be useful to build in some day along with the idea of pro to pro pricing. We've seen some occasions where home improvement pros specifically have hired people off the platform as subcontractors, but I'm sorry to hear that so far you haven't had much luck with your inquiries. 

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Re: Pros hiring Pros

@Kameron I've actually hired 3 Pros off of Thumbtack.  And 2 of those individuals, I hired twice each.  And I also know a 4th individual who hired me off Thumbtack and I returned the favor with a hire to help me on a Thumbtack job.  So it has "worked" in some respects.  Just this last time for me I didn't get any serious responses, so I think a Pro to Pro pricing option would be nice.