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Quick Question about Read Receipts

Hello, I know that read receipts were recently reinstated for messages exchanged on quotes that have come through 'Target.'  I want to know if they are available for messages exchanged on quotes submitted through the 'Opportunities' tab as well?  Or is that not the case because those types of quotes aren't covered by Price Assurance?

I've never had ANY replies to any quotes I submitted via the Opportunities tab because from what I understand, these particular messages aren't sent as notifications to the job poster.  I think they're simply unaware that those messages exist.  Either way, it would be helpful to know whether they even are reading them if they log into their account and happen to see them.

Can you please let us know?  Thanks!

~RCPS 11/18/19

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Moderator Kameron

Re: Quick Question about Read Receipts

@RCPS read receipts will occur for pros targeting their preferences and responding to targeted leads within 4 hours. So they will not be shown for quotes manually sent through the opportunities page. In the past, we discussed when a quote is sent to a customer and any notifications with it, so I'd recommend referring back to that conversation if needed here: My experience as a Thumbtack customer.

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Re: Quick Question about Read Receipts

@Kameron Thanks for your response.  Do you think it might be helpful it read receipts were implemented for jobs that show up in the Opportunities tab?  Otherwise, we have absolutely no idea if they've ever viewed what we've spent the time to write and submit to them.  It's literally taking a shot in the dark.  If they view the response, I would imagine that'd be a key indicator that they were potentially interested in seeing more options than who they initially reached out to.  Maybe that's something you can pass on to the product team.  I'm still perplexed as to why read receipts were removed altogether a year ago.  It shouldn't make a difference whether it's in the Jobs or Opportunities tab.

And thanks for pointing me back to the thread that we discussed a little while ago - I did recall that.  However, between that thread and this one, it's still rather confusing to define what TT considers a notification and if/exactly when job posters actually receive them.  And let's be honest - nuances on this platform change rather frequently so, to be fair, it's pretty challenging to keep up.  And then there's the question of whether a notification is "received" vs. "viewed" or "read."  By the length of the thread I just linked to, it's apparent that it isn't very clear.

I'll say this: when it comes to user experience (as a job poster or Pro), I truly feel that simplicity is always best.  I think this aspect of navigating and understanding how this works is more complex than it needs to be.  It was more simple before for sure - I'd appreciate if you can share this constructive feedback regarding UX with your product team. Smiley Happy


- RCPS 11/18/19

Moderator Kameron

Re: Quick Question about Read Receipts

@RCPS not a problem, at times I'm sure it can be tough to keep up as a pro. 

I'll be sure to submit your request for read receipts on manually sent quotes towards Opportunities. However, for context, the end of this post included the written explanation around read receipts for manual quotes: February’s product improvements.