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Thumbtack Employee ScottA
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Resource of the week: Why lead costs vary

Hey all! This week I wanted to share this article from Thumbtack Help that gives a little background on why lead costs vary. Check it out and use this thread to ask any questions you have. Thanks! 

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Re: Resource of the week: Why lead costs vary

@ScottA Thanks for the this post. The price structure of the leads, as we all know, has been a hot topic on these boarde and elsewhere. The article link is instructive. The Feedback Team often times sends us this article in direct esponse to our stated reasons why we decline a lead. 

There is only one part of the article that confounds me:

What affects cost

You pay a different amount for each lead based on whether the job is more or less valuable. The exact cost varies based on things like:

  • Type of job
  • Size of job
  • Number of pros available
  • How serious the customer is

Leads for bigger jobs will generally cost more and leads for smaller jobs will generally cost less. If we don’t have enough pros in a market to meet customer needs, or the customer contacts a lot of pros, you might get the lead for free. 

We only want you to pay for the value you’re getting, so we’re constantly evaluating and adjusting the cost of leads to make them more fair. To see what you paid for a lead, check your payment history


That last bullet point that mentions "How serious the customer is".... how do the teams at TT measure that? How can we, your customers measure that? 


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Moderator Kameron

Re: Resource of the week: Why lead costs vary

@ChefOfAllSeason In regards to a customer's level of intent, we use a variety of signals that we get from the customer’s account, as well as their activity and behavior on our platform.  This information allows us to determine the likelihood of a hire.  Ultimately, the price will be affected when we think a customer is more likely to hire a pro.

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Re: Resource of the week: Why lead costs vary

@Kameron We, your customers, the Pros ought to be privvy to what these signals are. Any data you possess that sheds light on the job poster's sincerity and intent is the most important information you could offer. BTW- are there job posters who are insincere?