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Responding after declining a request

I am an attorney and had a request for a type of legal services that I do not provide. I declined the request several days ago but the customer has now sent a follow-up message with a question. I have 2 separate questions/suggestions: 

1. Is there a way to "un-decline"? At this point, I don't know that I'd pay for the lead just to respond to the customer's question but I don't like the idea that a question is sitting out there without any ability to address it. The customer may think I am ignoring them. 

2. Has there been any thought given to allowing a short explanation when declining a request? I understand this could circumvent the "pay for contact" model but I have to decline far more leads than I reply to for reasons that, if a customer knew, could help them re-submit their request or take other steps to increase the likelihood of response (including from me). 


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Re: Responding after declining a request

Hello, @bradhillesq when pros decline a contact Thumbtack will kindly notify the customer that you're unavailable, so you don't need to worry about seeming like you've brushed them off or ignored them. Currently, there is not the option to un-decline a contact, however,  I am curious about the customer being able to follow up with you. If you can send me a direct message with the customer's name I'd be happy to take a closer look and clarify a bit further.