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Saved Reply Limitations of 500 characters

Any chance saved replies can be expanded beyond 500 characters? I find this limitation a hinderance on my ability to properly sell my firm to a lead.

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Re: Saved Reply Limitations of 500 characters

@MR I have that same problem on the mobile App.

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Re: Saved Reply Limitations of 500 characters

hi Mike:

There may be a loophole for you to exploit. Back in the day, there was a 1,000 character limit on the initial bid.  BUT; once you typed (and paid credits to send that bid), you could do a follow up message. And, on the follow up message I think you could type to infinity.

Detailed job postings often require detailed bids. Many of my bids push the 1,500 character limit.  What you can try is something like this: 
Hi Job Poster: I'm Mike. Welcome to Thumbtack and thanks for selecting me from the list. More in a bit; Mike.

then.... on your next message....which has already been typed out so it can be quickly sent after the first one.

Hi again Job Poster:  Thumbtack limits the length of our initial reply. Once we do that, I believe we can type to infinity.

and then type your lengthy detailed message. 

I was doing this quite often when the 1,000 character limit was in force.  These days, I can usually make 1,500 characters work (which is the limit on initial messages from the "opportunities" tab.

good luck,  Reese Turbin

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