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Re: Stop changing my Profile Picture in search results!!

Very well said!! And, yes, it is an easy fix, as other issues are.
Hopefully you can speak with someone who can help.
Now, I'm looking at my posted pics to see which ones I need to delete as well, just in case this "trial" goes sitewide.
DJ Stevie 7-8-2019
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Auto Changing Profile Images

Hi Thumbtack,
I am really displeased that my profile photo is being auto populated to what’s deemed most relevant in what customers are “searching” for. The irony I’m having trouble with here is that my profile photo is a professional photograph from a SF Thumbtack Fall shoot that I specifically participated in with the intentions to later use for this exact purpose.
I sincerely do not believe customers want to immediately see (mostly) low resolutions photos of painted rooms as the very first visual. Customers want to see the living professional who they are entrusting to do said rooms in their homes. I think Thumbtack already knows this same data that all major websites collect: the attention span of the average human who clicks on a website is not very long, mere seconds before they move (scroll) on. This test is damaging for us. Our main image of ourselves is what gets the click and I know is also why TT previously put all the emphasis on headshots. Customers will click the image of the PERSON, and then they can and will keep scrolling to see photos of work afterwards hence the designated sections for past projects, photos of work, and reviews. I hope that you will quickly share this feedback as it is hurting your pros who are already doing everything to meet Thumbtack’s requirements and advice to be successful, including the cost we have already paid to have our image being seen. I should really have control over my face as my image- at very least. Thank you!
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Re: Auto Changing Profile Images

@JpaintsUtah thank you for sharing your thoughts about this. As Kameron mentioned earlier "This isn't something being done sitewide for all pros. It's simply something we're trying out in order to further help customers find the right pro. Pros can offer multiple services. When a customer searches for a specific service, it can be helpful for them to see a photo that highlights what they’re looking for. If you have multiple photos of your work, we're trying to show the one that best fits what the customer tells us they’re searching for." Of course, we appreciate your feedback regarding this and I'll be sure to pass it along to our product team. 

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Re: Auto Changing Profile Images

Hey @Meckell! Thanks for the information on this! I understand that, especially when a pro offers multiple services they are trying to target the service that applies for the customer’s benefit. Maybe there’s an option here for pros who only offer one service across Thumbtack, such as myself who doesn’t need to highlight other areas of work. Or maybe there’s a way to incorporate all of this such as: showcasing our main image/headshot with floating smaller images beneath or on the right of the pro list that customers can see and swipe through. Thanks for passing on my feedback! Have a great week.

Re: Auto Changing Profile Images

Ditto all of this - just started happening to me, and I had no idea why until I read this thread.

I have a professional head shot of me doing my work that I like to use across all platforms for consistent branding (you know, a business strategy that I chose to pay for).

I would rather keep it consistent, and use the shots that I paid $$$ for.

I guess the alternative would be to delete every photo except for the one you want as your profile photo - but that seems like a stupid thing to have to do.

I'm guessing there are perhaps more important things that the development's team could be spent on...

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Re: Auto Changing Profile Images

Hey @ScottArcangel
That doesnt work, I'm afraid. I've removed that image TT was using from my photos on TT but TT continues to pull it from cache. Its doggedly persistent though rather pointlessly...
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