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TT's Star Rating system doesnt work properly..?

Another thing to consider when dealing with the way TT's Star Rating system, works..

I am a Carpenter/Handyman biz here on TT, I get 5 Stars on just about every project I do. I know why I get 5 Stars and that is because I do top quality work for every client and every job. I should be able to do top quality work because Ive been doing this kind of work for truly all of my life, about 45 years total.

But as mentioned by others, for me there is that 1 out of 10 to 15 person who are either contrarians, haters, thieves or just plain not relating to the general complexities of life. These type of people have no issue with just throwing a 1,2,3 Star in with all of my 5 Star Ratings, even as its obvious that low rating doesn't make sense.

Instead of screwing the Pro, this should reflect more on the type of client they are. But instead these people have all but TOTAL POWER over your/our back breaking hard earned efforts!

This is the way the star system works here on TT, No matter how many 5 Stars ratings.. *The longer we stay with Thumbtack the lower our overall rating will go!

We as 5 Star Pro's (that give Thumbtack a quality name) need some fair control over this bad situation.? 

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Re: TT's Star Rating system doesnt work properly..?

I couldn't agree with you more on this.  I look at it this way... it's the same for all the other pros that you are competing against for a flawless review rating.  It's just the way it goes.


On the other hand, most potential clients that are actually going to dig deep into a pros past to filter through the reviews are usually only looking for the sub par reviews that have horror stories to go with them.  My business has a pretty good(short)history on TT, but have 3 customer reviews that are less than 5 stars.   From what I recall, none of them even bothered to comment on their experience to give details of why they weren't completely 100% satisfied. 

I think a great way to to prevent some of those potentially innaccurate reviews from careless customers is to have TT require a customer to leave a statement describing the experience and explain why they felt the work was not 5 star worthy.... Not only would this promote better accuracy, but it would filter out the customers that post bad reviews for the wrong reasons, and it would give the pros some quality feedback to respond to and some criticism to learn and improve on for their future customers.

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