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Text messages don't match website conversations

I know it is a minor thing, but I think just another example of the lack of continuity between the website, app, email, and text notifications.  It bothers me that Thumbtack sends out a text message that says "Thumbtack msg from Customer Name Why are you right for this job?" when the customer DIDN'T actually type "Why are you right for this job?" NOR is that a pre written option (What's the next step?  When are you available?).  In the most recent instance of it happening to me, the customer actually selected "What's the next step?".

I guess it is not intended that this is the message from the customer, but it sort of seems like it on first glance.  When you actually do get a message from a customer, it looks exactly the same..."Thumbtack msg from Customer Name Hi there..."

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Re: Text messages don't match website conversations

@StoriesUpSTL thanks for bringing this to our attention. I definitely want to let our teams know about this. Would you be able to send me a direct message with the customer's name on the contact along with a screenshot of the notification that's worded differently? 

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