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Thumbtack Community - order and organization questions

I've been on the Thumbtack community since last Friday, and I'm finding it less than intuitive to navigate, and the discussion order in the various categories baffles me.

Is there a way to sort the discussions in reverse chronological order (so the one with the most recent postings is at the top)?  I've tried this in my settings, and it didn't work.  I'm running a business, and don't have time to sort through a huge list to find the new topics.  And this will only become more problematic the more discussions that get posted.

The sections and subsections don't really make sense.  Under Small Business Talk, we only have "trending topics" which I would expect to be the most active discussions from all the categories.  But... that doesn't look like it's right either.

I've been using BBSes since the days of dial-up and blogs for as long as they've been around.  I'm tech savvy.  This shouldn't be this awkward to navigate.

Shareen Mann
Freelance writer and editor with The Write Mann, LLC
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Re: Thumbtack Community - order and organization questions

Thanks for the feedback @The-Write-Mann. The Community is a new platform for us too, so we're still working on it. If you have any other suggestions on how to make it more user-friendly, feel free to send them our way! 

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Re: Thumbtack Community - order and organization questions

A very basic one - when I get an email that a message was posted the link should take me to that message, or at least that thread.

Like @The-Write-Mann, I have been online since before the Web. I have above average user skills and navigating this website is not easy.

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Re: Thumbtack Community - order and organization questions

Hey @The-Write-Mann,

I hear you on the order of posts. This is definitely a question of personal preference, which is why we give you the option to change it!

I'd go to My Settings --> Preferences --> Linear Layout, and then under "Linear Format: Sorting order within topics," select "Newest first."

Is that what you tried? Did that not do the trick?

Let me know either way!

In terms of sections and sub-sections, are there different sections you'd like to see? I'd agree that "Trending topics" is a bit of a misnomer - that's meant to be all discussion related to small business management and small business ownership.  Are there others that seem unclear to you?

Thanks again for the feedback!





Re: Thumbtack Community - order and organization questions

@JasonB - I did try that and no it didn't do what I needed.  The linear layout just changed the order of the responses within a thread.  It didn't change the order the threads show up.  I want the threads with the most recent action at the top so I can easily and quickly see what's new without having to scroll through the whole list.

For sections and sub-sections:
FOR NEW PROS - Is the community visible to the public?  Who is the overall target audience here?  This section feels like stuff people will want to see when they are first considering starting out with Thumbtack

USING THUMBTACK - how is this different from the subsection How Thumbtack Works?  Is this more of a best practices by sucessful pros?  Once we know how it works, there's not a lot to draw us back here.  The subsections are extremely narrow.  It might be nice to add something a bit more broad so pros can share how they use Thumbtack in their setting.

SMALL BUSINESS TALK - this has a blog and the previously mentioned poorly named Trending Topics subheadings.  This would be a great place for pros to discuss the ins and outs of running a small business.  Maybe a place for us to share ideas to overcome obstacles that small businesses face (like that terrifying South Dakota Supreme Court decision on the SD vs Wayfair case).

PRO LOUNGE - what is the purpose here?  How is this different from SMALL BUSINESS TALK?  Why are these separated and what distinction should be made for what goes in each place?

Shareen Mann
Freelance writer and editor with The Write Mann, LLC
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Re: Thumbtack Community - order and organization questions

I keep getting emails that someone mentioned me in a comment but there is no link to see what that is about.

The link just goes to the community and you get lost in the comments. I've looked up authors and been told they didn't exist.

Why is Thumbtack telling us about the comments but not providing a way to get there?


Re: Thumbtack Community - order and organization questions

I'm happy you reached out @Deborah306. Will you send me a direct message with the link and the name of the user. I'll look into this and get you some answers. 

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